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Sep 24, 2015

MLP s01e22 I went Super Nova on a GOD

During the Rescue mission our Heroes learn the true nature of power by finding the true identity of the General. There is a pitched battle that may not go the way they want. They have to make some hard decisions and things come down to the wire. Guardian Angel may make the Ultimate...

Sep 17, 2015

MLP s01e21 The Rescue

The team launches a daunting rescue to find CSR-1 and Fenris. They approach with caution Grissom Air Force Base while simultaniously charging in the front gate. One of those two teems has decided they are going to be "the distraction". Guess which one?!

And in this episode, we meet Gen....

Sep 10, 2015

MLP s01e20 Michaels is Gone and SHIELD seems to need help

Tomahawk retires to sulk about his choices. The Team returns to their lairs, only to find out that something isn't quite right about SHIELD. It seems they need our Hero's help!

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