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Jul 26, 2017

BTM Yoinkable - 

BTM "Yoinkable" - Language is a living thing. Coined 6/26/17 by Scott Troiano. He will use it at cons & on his podcast, Gaming with Scott. Definitions 1 & 2 will spread particularly at Gen Con 50. Definitions 3 & 4 will be added with corruption investigations & prosecutions in Washington, D.C. 2017-19. Added to OED in 2020.

Yoinkable: 1) an item in a video game that a player character may take for their own without consequence regardless of ownership; 2) small promotional items handed out at convention booths for free; 3) government funds directed by an elected official to profit their own corporate enterprises; 4) elected officials who should be removed for directing government funds to profit their own corporate enterprises.

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