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Aug 27, 2015

MLP s01e18 Consequences and MIND FLIPS

Our Heroes deal with the fallout of death and destruction from the attack on the Nimbus building. The Morlocks are up in arms over the death caused by Dr. Wells. And a mind is pushed to its limits.

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Aug 20, 2015

MLP s01e17 The Juggernaut

Our Heroes are going to deal with Tomahawk's latest deeds when a nearby building explodes and a new enemy is revealed -- The Juggernaut!!

Our Heroes battle to save lives and minimize damage when a shoot from the hip decision brings the exchange to a finite conclusion. As we wind down, we wonder...

Aug 13, 2015

MLP s01e16 Please allow me to introduce myself - A Deal with the Devil

The Heroes head back to the bank to loot the vault. Only to come face to face with the Bank Manager. Tomahawk tries his hardest to get the rest of the team not to make a Deal with the Devil.

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Aug 6, 2015

MLP s01e15 The bank vault of DOOM

Our heroes 'rescue' Miss Lilly and then head back to the vault to purloin the contents. Only to find that the men there are waiting for them; Some ready to fight, some ready to just leave....

Will our intrepid heroes overwhelm the minions in the vault? When Jason throws himself into the...